The Construction and Maintenance Institute for Criminal Justice Agencies (CMI)
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The Construction and Maintenance Institute (CMI) is a non-profit organization of employees and private employed professionals who work in the correctional field. The organization is dedicated as a clearinghouse for information related to prison design, construction, and maintenance.

Full CMI Membership is restricted to public employees who are actively involved with criminal justice related construction and maintenance. Public agencies can include federal, state, or local jurisdictions as well as county courthouses. 

Non-public employees such as vendors, architects, engineers, or individuals with an interest in construction or maintenance of criminal justice facilities may obtain "affiliate" membership. Affiliate members have all of the same benefits that full members do, except cannot be elected as a board member or have voting privileges. 

Affiliate Membership allows private, for-profit corporations, architects or engineering firms to have direct interaction with federal, state, or county employees who work in prisons, jails, or county courthouses and whose responsibilities include capital budgeting, planning, design, construction or maintenance of these facilities. The CMI conference is the primary means for CMI members and affiliates to share information on vendor products, discuss facility related issues, suggest new products or improve existing products.

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CMI is always seeking new board members. If you have participated in our past conferences, you are already familiar with the benefits of sharing information among your peers in the world of corrections-related facility management. Board members take an active role in planning the events, agendas, and share ideas to improve our yearly conferences. CMI is interested in any candidates who wish to devote some of their free time in interacting with this national organization. Candidates who may be interested can contact any board member prior to the conference for more information.

The Construction and Maintenance Institute for Criminal Justice Agencies (CMI) 
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